Sazdov & Petrov

Sazdov & Petrov" Law Firm is a legal entity registered according to the Law for the Bar with special scope of activity: lawyers' services.

"Sazdov & Petrov" Law Firm turns its legal services especially to the tax and corporate matters, where the client may rely on diligent professionals.

"Sazdov & Petrov" Law Firm is registered at Sofia Bar Association and at Sofia City Court and it complies the legal experience of the lawyers with more than ten years of legal practice in different legal sectors such as: corporate and commercial law, tax and financial law, real estate's law, labor law, administrative law and litigation.

"Sazdov & Petrov" Law Firm takes participation at the different stages of the trade transactions, merger and acquisition proceedings, corporate transformations, mediation legal due diligence, tax planning, negotiations, drafting of contracts, correspondence, applications and claims.

"Sazdov & Petrov" Law Firm provides legal services to the clients in random business areas such as real estates, tourism, energy sector, pharmacy, transport, constructions, non-government and government organization and others with high respect of the corporate and tax matters..